About CA Native Garden…

I write this blog to:
  • Share the joy I experience in my native garden,
  • Support and encourage gardeners to grow natives successfully,
  • Cultivate appreciation and conservation of CA native plants in the wild and in restoration projects,
  • Be part of developing a native garden aesthetic,
  • And help spread the horticultural knowledge that will allow CA natives, and environmentally friendly gardening in general, to become a more viable choice for landscapers and homeowners. 
I hope you enjoy it!

I welcome conversation and feedback; email me at tjinirvine@gmail.com.

The front garden, May 2014.

About the gardener…
I have lived with my husband Scott in the University Hills neighborhood of Irvine (UC Irvine faculty housing) since 1995. After watching my next door neighbor Tomaz make the transition successfully, I went native in winter of 2013.  This involved trucking in about 11 cubic yards of sandy soil, ripping out 2/3 of my yard (with help from a gardener), and planting some 75 or 100 pots (with help from Tomaz).  How did I learn to love gardening?  From my dad, who enjoyed gardening in the yard of my childhood home in Sunnyvale, as well as spouting factoids from the Sunset Garden Book.  How I get so technical?  I have a PhD in Chemistry.  (I have botanical pattern china with the Latin names on it–  enneagram type 5.)   What about the philosophical and spiritual part?  I have a Masters of Divinity from Claremont School of Theology.  When I work for pay, I serve United Church of Christ churches as an Intentional Interim Minister. You can check out my blogs:  Inspiring for Action and Just Shine. In addition to gardening, I enjoy teaching with Compassionate Communication and Peaceful parenting, practicing yoga, and stalking my grown son Mark on Facebook.

Scott and Mark, my two other loves.

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